Young Fresh Frozen Plasma Transfusions (yFFP)

The question does young blood or plasma contain rejuvenating factors has been explored in the academic institutions for years. Heterochronic parabiosis or joining a young and old animal surgically so they share the same blood supply has shown remarkable rejuvenation factors in the older animal. (1). Over the past 10 years this research has increased dramatically looking at specific tissues that ‘rejuvenate’ when parabiosis in used in animal models.  Specific factors such as GDF 11 have been isolated as a possible substance that keeps tissues young. (3). Some of the data has not been reproducible.  The interest that this healthy young plasma and its perfect contents are a gateway to help both mitigate aging and age related disease continues.

Using blood and the antigens associated with blood cells adds the risk of a transfusion reaction so in 2011 research labs began to use plasma.(4). Plasma contains the substances that created similar results as  the parabiosis models.  It was not long after this that a double blind placebo controlled trial was begun on human Alzheimer patients at Stanford University. We continue with a yFFP study in Houston that shows very promising results in patients with Parkinsons and MS.





As we enter a new world of real functional therapies to help millions, we do it with science and research. Addressing the microbiome dysfunction, removing micronutrient deficiencies, minimizing inflammation and adding young vital proteins from golden plasma of 18-24 year old young people is the beginning of a new age of treatment for neurodegenerative diseases.

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