Welcome to the New Age of Medicine

We are so excited to partner with you to help you find and maintain optimal health and longevity.

Let us help you with your: Bio-identical Hormone Balance, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Management (PCOS), Low Thyroid Function, Methylation(MTHFR) Support, Nutritional Therapies, Natural Anxiety Treatment, Optimizing Gut Health, Adrenal Cortisol Dysfunction and Weight Loss Resistance

We are now proud to offer( in conjunction with the Neurology Center) - yFFP(young fresh frozen plasma) to patients with Parkinson's, MS or any neurodegenerative disease.

We support sustainable farming - Order your local beef, eggs and more maintain your health and longevity with only the cleanest meat and other products.

We offer several options to get started with our clinic:

1. Meet with Dr. Ginsberg for an initial consult to discuss issues such as fatigue, hormone balance, anxiety, depression, and methylation issues.

2. Meet with Dr. Ginsberg for bioidentical hormone counseling to discuss compounded bioidentical hormone therapy. This is ideal for women in the perimenopause or menopausal stage of life or for men experiencing low testosterone levels.

3. Meet with one of our nutritional therapy practitioners for an initial nutrition visit to discuss fat loss, nutrient deficiencies, gut healing dietary protocols and how dietary changes can help with any of the issues listed above.

When you meet with one of our practitioners, we will discuss whether our functional, diagnostic testing is needed to enhance your health journey. This state of the art testing may include:

1. Hormone testing through saliva, urine or blood to determine if hormone imbalances or poor hormone offloading is contributing to your symptoms.

2. Micronutrient testing to determine what nutrient deficiencies need to be corrected for optimal health.

3. Stool testing utilizing DNA technology to evaluate the root cause of gut and digestive issues which can often be tied to mental health issues.

4. A thorough thyroid evaluation to determine if the thyroid is in a healthy state.

5. Genetic testing to determine if any major SNPs such as the MTHFR variation need to be addressed to individualize your treatment plan.

6. Food sensitivity testing to determine if certain foods need to be temporarily eliminated to enhance your treatment protocol.

If you are unsure what type of appointment you need or would like more information about appointments, please email Lisa at lisa@theginstituteofm.com . You can also complete this form to request more information.

We do require that all patients complete the necessary paperwork before scheduling an appointment. That paperwork can be found here.

Welcome to the beginning of your journey to optimal health. Congratulations on taking the first step to finding your state of hormone balance, controlled anxiety and stress, peaceful sleep and successful weight loss. Patients often find themselves traveling physician to physician looking for help and simply find pills and band-aid therapy. From hormone imbalance and menopause symptoms to Hashimotos thyroiditis to insomnia and worsening anxiety, discovering the root cause of your illness is our passion. Educating you will be part of your treatment course and enable you to live the full life you were meant to find.

Feeling like your hormones have gotten out of control-especially in Early MENOPAUSE? . Let us help you find your balance! Consider an evaluation and Bio-Identical Hormone ReplacementClick here and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!