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All vitamins are not the same. The quality and bioavailabiltiy (how much of the vitamin actually gets absorbed) are extremely dependent upon the company from which the vitamin was purchased.

Nutritional Grade – vitamins you find at your local store (GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Central Market and Whole Foods). There is no real regulation of these and, for example, you may not be getting the 1000IU of vitamin d that they claim. The purity is questionable and the actual vitamin is in a form that is not very bioavailable. Some of these brands may contain preservatives, colorings, synthetic chemicals, and other problem ingredients. You have to go above and beyond to find good quality nutritional supplements as quality standards vary between stores.

Medical Grade – a somewhat purer vitamin. The bioavailability is better than nutritional grade. A pre-formulated supplement targeting a specific function of the body, however no outside source has evaluated the product and validated its contents.

Pharmaceutical Grade – the best vitamin you can buy. This category of vitamins is formulated with the highest quality of standard to provide the greatest efficacy and quality. For a company to claim this an outside accredited lab has evaluated the supplement and confirmed they are the purest and most bioavailable. This is the only class of supplements sold by our office. 

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