Optimizing Gut Health

Optimizing Gut Health 1
Your Gut Simply Controls Who You Are

Did you know that symptoms of fatigue, brain fog and memory loss, anxiety, weight gain and hormone imbalance–can all stem from an imbalance in your gut?

Today’s modern diet is often not optimal. We need to eat more vegetables, chew our food completely and sit calmly while we eat to enable adequate digestion. These practices will create an optimal atmosphere for the trillions of bugs that live in our intestines every day. However, our daily modern life is not always able to accommodate what the gut bacteria( or microbiome) really need to be in optimal balance. As the bacteria in our gut are so important to everything we do from absorbing and making our daily nutrients to creating the building blocks of our thought process (neurotransmitters), we must find a way to balance life for us and them.

When balance is off in the intestines your daily stools are affected-often you know it as you ‘feel’ the irregularity of your gastro-intestinal system. Traditional medicine usually will recommend undergoing a colonoscopy and, if normal, no further follow up occurs.

Let us help you. If you have gastrointestinal dysfunction or you just simply feel off, it is time to look deeper in a functional medicine analysis.

Optimizing Gut Health 2

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Testing your Microbiome.

The best supplementation and food sources for your personal Microbiome.

How to help your symptoms improve as we improve your GI system…and more!

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