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What really controls our mood and determines whether we develop anxiety? Serotonin, more commonly known as a ‘neurotransmitter’, is a substance that enables information to be passed from one nerve cell to another. Serotonin is the master computer between the gut and the brain, alters mood, modulates sleep and increases your parasympathetic response so you can rest, digest and detox. Fat digestion and the breakdown of those more complicated molecules are especially sensitive to loss of serotonin resulting in too much of an increased sympathetic response (fight or flight). This can lead to more sugar cravings as the body is not able to extract energy from fats well and is relying solely on the production of glucose from simple carbs. This can result in the following domino cascade:

Excess inflammation – infection – antibiotics – gut dysbiosis – poor digestion – overreliance on energy from glucose metabolism due to poor fat digestion – increased sympathetic response – development of excess fight or flight – ANXIETY!

The gut also produces dopamine (the motivation hormone/neurotransmitter). If the intestinal system’s microbes are unbalanced then not enough dopamine is produced. Dopamine is the chemical that triggers our happy reward system. We should make enough natural dopamine that the sunshine and flowers and smiles of life give us satisfaction. When our body is in a state of dysfunction, dopamine can become chronically low and the receptors do not get triggered. This can lead to an overall feeling of unrest and anxiety. This will drive you to seek external factors to raise dopamine such as processed sugar, alcohol or drugs

Like our paleolithic ancestors we must partly rely on our environment and earths magnetic field to calm us (check out our video library for information on this topic) and aid our survival. Norepinephrine (NE), the neurotransmitter of vigilance, kept them awake and alert for times when they had to defend their primitive shelter and food from predators. We still have times today when we need that neurotransmitter to keep us ultra-tuned in to our surroundings so NE is still produced to help our system today. If there is an imbalance in our body – we will overproduce certain neurotransmitters keeping us in a perpetual state of fight or flight. This can lead to anxiety, insomnia, dysfunctional cortisol—-and more anxiety!

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