Low Thyroid Function

Low Thyroid Function 1

Do you have low thyroid symptoms or Hashimoto’s thyroid dysfunction?

Thyroid information is often presented by the media with only partial information by grabbing sensational headlines from the abstracts of studies. This can lead to mass confusion of the general public.

Understanding inflammation and autoimmune issues with the thyroid and conversion between the different thyroid hormones is necessary in order to fix the imbalance. Once we know where the root cause of the imbalance lies we can address it. Stress and inflammation, gluten sensitivity, leaky gut and more can create antibody issues that disrupt normal thyroid functioning (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis).

The metabolism and balance of thyroid hormones is determined by what is occuring all over your body . It is for this reason that a complete evaluation of the thyroid must be addressed in the diagnosis and treatment of symtpoms.

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