Frequently asked questions


1Do you take insurance?
Most visits with Dr. Ginsberg are billed to insurance and will be subject to your copay or deductible. If your insurance is out of network with Dr. Ginsberg, the visit will fall to the deductible cost. We do not take Medicaid, Cobra, Tricare or HMOs. Bioidentical hormone visits and visits with one of our nutritional therapy practitioners are not filed under insurance (see below).
2Why do you not accept insurance for nutrition or bioidentical hormone programs?
There are no reimbursement codes for bioidentical hormone therapy, therefore we can’t file these visits under insurance. These visits also tend to be much longer than a traditional insurance visit and not having to abide by insurance guidelines allows our practitioners to block more time for these visits. Nutrition visits also take more time (typically 30 min to 1 hour) but the main constraint is that insurance companies tend to only reimburse for nutrition if disease is present. We focus on wellness and prevention at our clinic.
3Do you take insurance for testing?
Some of the testing recommended by our clinic will be billed to insurance. However, many of the labs we use do not accept insurance or are considered out of network. For further questions about specialty testing, you may contact Lisa Garcia at It is the patient’s responsibility to know your insurance benefits regarding lab work.


1How do I know what kind of appointment I need?
The best place to start is an initial evaluation with Dr. Ginsberg. However, if you are interested in nutritional counseling only, you can make an initial appointment with one of our nutritional therapists by completing this paperwork. Visits with the nutritional therapists are not covered by insurance. If you are currently on bioidentical hormone therapy, your first appointment would be considered a bioidentical hormone visit and would not be covered by insurance as explained above. Our doctors believe that nutritional counseling and therapies strongly coincide and complement hormonal counseling and therapies. The recommendation following the Initial Evaluation often includes a follow up with one of our nutritional therapists.
2How do I schedule an appointment?
All new patients or patients that haven’t visited our office in more than 2 years must complete paperwork before scheduling a visit. This paperwork can be found here. Once we receive this paperwork, we will call you to get your visit scheduled. Existing patients can schedule an appointment by emailing or can request an appointment online by completing this form.


1What is the best way to contact the office?
Due to the complicated nature of functional medicine, our office communicates primarily through email. The main email address for contact is or you can complete this form and someone will contact you upon receipt.

We realize that navigating the healthcare system today is extremely difficult and frustrating. Simply trying to contact the office or schedule an appointment can be an ordeal. At Dian Ginsberg MD we have tried to make this process as simple and streamlined as we can. We will try to use your insurance as much as possible and most visits with our physician are covered by your insurance (subject to your copay or deductible). Unfortunately insurance companies do not support nutritional counseling or bio-identical hormone counseling so visits addressing these concerns are not covered by your insurance. When you click on the ‘work with us‘ tab to schedule an appointment you will fill out some basic information. This information will allow us to work with you and your insurance as much as possible. While some laboratory tests are covered by insurance, many functional tests are not. We will discuss that with you during the visit after your evaluation and decide the best course for your optimal health. Visit our video library to learn more about what we do.

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