Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

Bio-Identical Hormone  Replacement 1

Balance your Hormones-Optimize your Life!

Are you experiencing fatigue, brain fog, weight loss resistance, memory loss, lack of motivation, low libido, dryness everywhere, hair and skin changes and more….?

Using the research based functional medicine model of Balanced Interventional Wellness™, our team has created the ultimate personalized program to address hormone imbalances in men and women. While many physicians use conventional testing and traditional pharmaceuticals to address these problems, often unsuccessfully, we approach your problems from a different perspective.


How is optimal hormone balance achieved?

Hormone balance can only be truly be accomplished when the whole body is balanced; therefore, a full history evaluation is done whenever hormones are assessed. It is not recommended to just ‘replace’ low hormones when the body is capable of making them when in its optimal state. It is very important to remember that the body’s system of hormones not only includes the sex hormones but also leptin (satiety), ghrelin (hunger), insulin, and cortisol. If you feel your male or female hormones are out of balance, you must understand that these hormones are strongly influenced by gut (or intestinal) health, your daily diet, your micronutrient deficiencies, your exercise regime, stress, and sleep patterns. We consider all of these factors in our evaluations.

As your physician, I find that your hormone evaluation and treatment is not a single short visit. In order to successfully implement your treatment plan, usually 2-3 visits are required. I will then be able to make changes as we communicate through the year as needed.

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Feeling like your hormones have gotten out of control-especially in Early MENOPAUSE? . Let us help you find your balance! Consider an evaluation and Bio-Identical Hormone ReplacementClick here and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!